Thursday, November 26, 2009


Busty Filipina comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto is known for playing incredibly ditzy characters despite her remarkable intelligence. That combination has made her one of the most bankable stars in the Philippine movie industry since 2001. That, and her ample curves have made the covers of both FHM Philippines and Maxim Philippines. Think Paris Hilton with better gags and bigger boobs.

She tones down the ditziness and turns up the craziness as a sexually frustrated career woman in her latest comedy Status: Single. If you'd like to see Rufa get crazy, watch the trailer here. If you'd like to see Rufa wear bikinis, read on.

Lately I haven't been looking at import models as much as I used to when I first started out collecting photos aside from a few names because it's been a while since I've seen someone that I was interested in. That was until I found out about Janelle Ha who I think is pretty hot. Hopefully she will pique your interest as well.

I found out about Janelle when I was on Flickr browsing through the pictures that were uploaded by those that are on my contact list. I'm usually on there everyday looking for new pictures, and this one particular day, I came across this picture of Janelle taken by jchennav in a Hankook Tires uniform, and immediately, I needed to find out who she was and begin searching for more photos of her. I think Hankook has the best race queen uniform out of all the companies that I've seen, and she rocks that uni well.

Along with being the face of Hankook Tires USA for 2009, Janelle is also on the cover of the July edition of DSport Magazine which is currently on newsstands. I just picked up my copy on Monday 6/1. I love her smile, dark hair, and lovely figure. I have been fatigued as of late with the heavy makeup/dyed hair look that many models rock, so it's a refreshing change for me to see a model like Janelle.


There were a couple of things about Ami Tokito that definitely caught my attention.

Firstly there was the glasses...for me, a nice pair of glasses definitely adds a level of sexiness.

Secondly there is the fact that she likes basketball. Cute Asian girls that play the sport that I super attractive!

Anyways...back to Ami.

Ami Tokito is a Japanese pop singer. In 2005 she was named Miss Young Jump. She has since become a popular gravure model & meganekko (glasses) idol thanks mostly to her unique personality and look. She apparently wears the glasses to cover her shyness, even though she has perfect vision.

002-121.jpg image by akapong99

Monday, November 23, 2009


The other day I noticed that in the discussion for Fay Hokulani that fellow member Quantum Force asked a question that I have been personally asking myself for a few months now. How come Dichen Lachman hasn't been featured here on Asian Sirens? Well now she has.

For a while I thought that Dichen was already featured here, but searching through the archives turned up nothing on her, therefore I have the pleasure of putting this article together. Dichen is Tibetan and Australian and was born on February 22 just like myself. I'm just a year older than she is. I found out about her a few months ago when I watched the season premiere of Dollhouse on Fox, and was half of the reason why I continued to watch the show throughout this season. I'm also thrilled to hear that the show has been renewed by Fox for a second season which means that I get to check out more of Dichen.